Friday, February 6, 2009

-----This is my first day in blogging class. I am going to write about graffiti because there is not any other topics that interest me at the moment. I like graffiti. Its a modern style of art. Most people hear the word graffiti and assume that its bad. Graffiti is a way of self expression. I find that graffiti is a style of art. Most people think of graffiti as vandalizing and destroying certain walls, places, and such. That is just how graffiti originated. It started in the streets, used to claim territory. Because it was started off as claiming territory, most citizens of the US think that all graffiti is gang related. The art style of graffiti has come a long way since that time. Murals are created every where, formed by cliques, or also known as crews. My personal opinion is that graffiti is important to the world, because it is the best way to self express and get your name out there. Graffiti is almost like a real life game. Your ranked as to how good you are, and as to how much you get your name out there. Toys being the lowest level, gaining NO respect. Rookies are considered beginners. Class A refers to the standard regular artistic graffiti writers. Next ranked class is known as legends. These are the guys that have been in the game for more then 30 years. They have much experience and have been around for a while. Lastly, Kings are ranked the highest. These are basically the founders of street art, and graffiti. They are known world wide and are some of the best in the world.



  1. you're a dork!!
    love the blog!!

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  3. Wow Spamdizzle, you can write. I enjoyed your topic and now have a different opinion on graffiti. Your writing proves how passionate you are about this topic. Continue to write with passion and you will do very well in this blog class. Thanks for sharing.